Through my work I often converse for months with people I’ve never actually met. Most of these people will stay as work contacts, but occasionally they get to be a little more. One of those is author Vincent Vinas, who’s book I reviewed and he wrote to me to thank me for my comments and now we exchange messages about halloween and potential cultural exchanges. Another is Loren Rhoads, also an author, who writes about cemeteries – one of my passions. I reviewed her book ‘Wish You Were’ about cemetery travel and, like Vincent, she wrote to me. It’s nice to know that someone is actually reading what you write, let alone appreciates what you’ve written. 

Anyway, while Loren was working on her next book she asked if I would write a few words about it. I wasn’t sure where the words would end up but was more than happy to help. Today I’ve seen them on the dust jacket, as her book is available to purchase, and I’m oddly proud that my paltry few lines are on an actual book. And one about cemeteries to boot.

You can buy her book here (buy a physical copy, an e-book just won’t cut it) and broaden your macabre travel horizons.

Oh, and here are my words, for free – “Loren’s obvious affection for cemeteries is evident throughout 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die. Her personal appreciation gives life to places most people would consider only to be about death. A must-have book for the budding cemetery traveler and the serious taphophile.”―Lenore of Gothic Beauty