About Lenore

Editor, writer, model, presenter.

I like dark things. I tend to write about those things. It’s easier that way.

I spent some time in front of a camera, mostly hosting the alternative music channel Rockworld TV. I’ve modelled for various designers and appeared in tattoo mags. If you’re lucky you can even find my face on a gothic compilation album in a bargain bin somewhere. I’ve turned my hand to DJing and photography, but fundamentally I am a writer.

I’ve written for music magazines, motorbike magazines and goth history bookazines. I was the Managing Editor for US publication Gothic Beauty – the largest gothic culture and fashion magazine. Before that I was the Editorial Assistant for Back Street Heroes and the online editor for Dominion Magazine.

I contributed to my local listings magazine for years, as I am (still) utterly in love with my hometown of Norwich. I have two cats who humour me. I have a Criminology degree that I’ve never used and seem to spend most of my time drinking real ale and getting over excited at the thought of visiting a cemetery.

I’m Lenore, a part-time blonde with a black heart.


(Photo by Niki Jones)