It seems almost trivial to talk about going to a gig considering the much bigger things going on in the world at the moment, but music has always been my escape and, at times, my solace. So much so that on the train down to London for the Darkhaus gig I listened to Crowded House on repeat, trying to lighten my mind. And yes, I like Crowded House. I’ll willingly hand over 100 goth points.

After a blissfully uneventful train journey and a more than stressful 15 minutes on the tube, I was at Angel Islington. Me and the fella had a pint in The Angelic (bit too trendy and full of suits), then we went to The Islington (pub names round there got straight to the point) ahead of the gig. A pint of Shoreditch Blonde set me back £5.50 (welcome to London) and the bar had mismatched furniture, 70s black and white music portraits and random hipster jazz on the speakers. After we broke Shazam trying to work out what the hell was playing, we headed to the O2 Academy

The queue outside the entrance to the main room was made up of very ordinary looking people. Not people with tickets to see German industrial and Euro goth rock. Turns out our gig was in the wee venue upstairs. My goth boots winced at the thought of more stairs and my suitcase wasn’t getting any lighter – or so I imagined. I wasn’t carrying it – so we trudged up the steps, stashed my case and got a beer.

We had purposefully missed the first band in favour of catching up over beers, so got there just in time to see Darkhaus. I was very excited, the fella was too which was nice seeing as our musical tastes can be very different. They played a couple off the new album ‘When Sparks Ignite’ and a whole bunch of older tracks. I had reviewed their two previous releases for Gothic Beauty magazine and had been impressed by their catchy gothic rock with industrial touches. The five piece were a bit crammed on the stage, I got the impression they would be livelier given more space. They also played to a backing track of vocals and samples, which limited the amount of ‘live’ feel coming through. They were almost too perfect, it sounded just like the album tracks which was slightly disappointing. I was chuffed to see them (I get the feeling they will only get bigger) but it would have been nice to see them let go a little. There’s nothing better than watching a band really enjoy performing on stage.

We weren’t too fussed about watching Unzucht (sorry guys), I was tired and the boy had to work the next day so we headed home after I snagged a sticker for my laptop (I’m such a child). This was the first in a long line of gigs before my year ends and it was a satisfying start. Next week – Tiger Army!!