There are no boxes of black cupcakes being delivered to my door, nor invitations to have tea with Siouxsie Sioux, but occasionally there are some perks to being the Managing Editor of a gothic fashion and culture magazine. The fabulous dress in these photos in one such perk.

I recently saw the new range from Necessary Evil and it was fantastic. Having worked for the designer, Kate from Kate’s Clothing, a few years previously, I called her up for an interview to feature the new range in the next issue. She sent me the unbelievable Aphrodite Dress as a sheer mesh-and-velvet thank you. When a designer sends a dress like this, the sensible thing is to take some pictures in it. Handily my fella is a photographer with decent location ideas. He can also put up with my whinging, as I find myself less and less keen to pose for photos. 

We drove out to Dungeness, a near deserted coastal area akin to badlands in a Mad Max movie. The wind was blowing strong and I nearly went over a few times. There was also broken glass, rusted metal and animal skeletons everywhere. It was pretty awesome but not easy to pose barefoot in (I had no shoes that could match this frock). We only got a few decent photos, where my hair wasn’t in front of my face or I wasn’t waving my arms in the air in order to stay upright, but I love them. After the shoot I put on some slightly warmer clothes, took off my false eyelashes and we went to the pub, which is how I like to end every shoot.