Every season the world outside changes colour and our oldest festivals celebrate and revolve around them. Spring, Imbolc, heralds the beginning of new life, as we bring the bright yellows and greens of new flowers and shoots into our homes and onto our tables. Summer brings long hazy days and of course the solstice, so we celebrate with fire, while leaving honey and fruit offerings for the fae folk. When the season turns to autumn, the leaves turn red and burnt orange and some of our favourite festivals approach! Halloween especially, with its bright orange pumpkins and grinning skulls against a backdrop of gothic lace and cobwebs, is a particularly visual holiday. It is also usually the first season that we begin to put extra attention and effort into decorating our houses – inside and out! Thanksgiving continues the celebration of autumn and harvest colours, as our tables and doors are decorated with cornucopias and wreaths. Christmas often surpases All Hallows in the decoration stakes, as we bring green branches and lights into our homes to rail against the winter darkness. Bringing a little of each season inside our homes, is something all of us do in one way or another, but not all of us have the time to create something as beautiful as we would like to decorate our tables and hearths. Kay, owner and creative mind behind Fantasy Florals, has the perfect, and long lasting, solution.

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