I interview a lot of gothic fashion designers. I hear a lot of the same answers (as I’ve said before, there are only so many questions one can ask about the colour black) but occasionally I get responses I’ve not had before. This interview with PunkRave was a tricky one as it was done via email (always slightly awkward as there is little chance to ask second questions), the designer I interviewed did not speak English as their first language and it had to have a super quick turnaround. This meant I had to do a lot of reading between the lines and putting her answers into what I was (fairly) sure she meant. When talking about her inspirations, designer Joy said that Lolita style meant “Story made by adult” or something similar. I decided on “The Lolita spirit, I can make my own fantasy”. I hope that wasn’t too far from the mark. 

Regardless of my torturous life as a freelancer writer, sitting in my polka dot pjs musing over my laptop, here’s the final feature (again, just the intro. If I gave away the full interview, why would they pay me? You can read it in full over at GothicBeauty.com ) –

“Founded a little over ten years ago, fashion label Punk Rave has become synonymous with intricate, yet eminently wearable, gothic designs. Their skin tight leggings are sexy but edgy, their tops scream post-punk style with jagged edges and torn sleeves. Blouses are more traditional but heavily influenced by Japanese style and Visual Kei, while PunkRave’s gothic coats and gothic jackets have an elvish feel to them (albeit a sinister one). With style names like ‘Dead Can Dance’ top, ‘All About Eve’ dress and ‘Falling Darkness’ skirt these guys aren’t on the fence about their allegiance to everything gothic (their website allows you to search for an item by color and there are twelve different kinds of black). Their current range is HUGE, including gothic dresses and a large selection for men which isn’t common in clothing labels. We speak to head designer Judy about PunkRave and discover the ethos and soul behind the designs. She also tells us which gothic icon she’d most like to design for (one guess which dark sartorial Mr she picks) and where they hope to take the gothic Lolita brand in the future.”