I interviewed fantasy gothic artist Jasmine Beckett-Smith months ago and the feature is finally online.

Jasmine is an incredibly popular artist, with a waiting list of three years for commissions! She was lovely to talk to and very humble and interesting.

“Jasmine always believed that people would love her faeries and dragonlings with their magical eyes and familiars close at hand. “I think if somebody genuinely throws their whole self into a project then success will eventually be the result. I believe in Magical Thinking (which, unfortunately, is also classified as a psychiatric disorder but hey, it works for me!)” The name Strangeling is also very personal to Jasmine, something that would make her teen-self swell with pride too. “‘Strangeling’ used to just be the nickname my husband gave me in high school, back when we were dating (a combination of the words “Strange” and “Changeling”) that I kind of randomly selected as my website URL back in 1997. It was the name I used for my D&D characters, or for when I needed a moniker for a computer login! It is kind of hilarious to me to see it trademarked on labels and boxes and stuff It feels like I’m doing my nerdy-teenage-self proud!”

Read the full feature online here.