Life In Sodom are a band you may not be familiar with, but they’re ready to be heard. After consistently releasing new music the track ‘Souvenirs’ was included in a compilation in the late Nineties put together by goth journalist Mick Mercer. Following that the band took a break in 1999, only to return a few years later with a flurry of releases. This culminated in 2011 with arguably their most popular track ‘The Hollow and Haunted House’ which garnered praise once again from Mercer. Being a band made up of creative minds, the group took another hiatus to work on other projects but Life In Sodom have returned once more with the best of their dark-wave post-punk to offer. After making music for nearly thirty years the group are taking their most popular tracks, giving them a polish and re-releasing them for new ears to hear. Poet, performer and driving force behind the US group Gerrie Brand, takes us through his journey in a Life In Sodom.

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