London Edge is a bi-annual trade show for alternative fashion brands and stockists. It is intended for shop owners to browse new designs and place wholesale orders for their shops direct from the designer. I’ve attended the shows numerous times, as a buyer for Kate’s Clothing, as a seller for Necessary Evil and as a journalist looking for new brands to cover. 

I went to the event in February and took my fella along (handily he’s a professional photographer) to get some photos. The event this year was only two days long rather than three, and there was a lot less going on than there was a few years ago, but we got some great images anyway. You can view the full gallery here for Gothic Beauty

I bumped into the lovely Kate (of Kate’s Clothing) and Kelly (aka Sabrina Sixxx) buying for her website, as well as author and goth aficionado Natasha Scharf. Then drank too many beers, stole some valentines bunting and posed like a pillock on the escalators of the tube. Happy days.