I have been writing for my local listings magazine for ten years now. They pay me in gig tickets and random merch (I scored a set of Die Hard shot glasses once. Yippe ki-yay!) and they are the only people I will write for free for. Mainly because I love promoting my hometown, and Outline Magazine, but also because I like getting into gigs for free.

My latest review was a random one – spoken word. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it sounded like ‘something different’ to do. In all honesty I preferred the support act, she resonated more with me, and I found myself a little…skeptical of Luke Wright. He was a little too…hip poet-y. It could have just been a case of a bad first impression, but that’s all I have to go on. I like my performers a little rough round the edges…anyways, here’s my review (well, the intro. You can read the full thing here) – 

“Spoken word isn’t for everyone. I went to an open mic poetry night with an ex and he visibly cringed every time a poet opened their mouth, but long gone are the days of cringe-worthy poets who take themselves way too seriously. Poetry is becoming cool again so, despite my opener of ‘spoken word not being for everyone’, tonight’s gig was packed and for a cold January Tuesday in the Arts Centre that’s no mean feat.” Read More.