Occasionally I get paid to write a feature by the subject, rather than the publication. Some times I have to really work to find the interest in the story. This was not one of those times. Renee, creative person behind the label ‘Sweet Midnight’ was a pleasure to talk to and had a genuinely interesting life to write about. The article also got a lot of positive response, from readers and Renee herself which is always nice to hear. At this particular point in time it was especially nice to get a positive response as I am going through a ‘why fucking bother?’ frame of mind with the whole writing thing, (it happens periodically but this time feels like it might be ‘the one’. ‘The one’ where I just give up and put all my energy into my full time job and just having a life like normal people). Anyways….

Hope you enjoy it like other people seem to have done – 

“With a flash of pink hair framing her face, and bejeweled cat-eye glasses perched on her nose, our leading lady secrets herself away in her studio. The ends of her creative fingers are finished with magic, glittery nails adorned with tiny pink bats and Hobo Murder House, her faithful Shih Tzu, is at her side. She spends her days designing and creating spooky-cute gothic attire and her nights giving ghost tours to spirit-loving tourists. Her spare time is spent hanging out with circus performers, or travelling in her gypsy caravan, showing curious folks her ‘Mini Museum of the Bizarre’. On quiet days she can be found just relaxing with her albino hedgehog (ironically named Midnight). No, this is not the introduction to a gothic children’s book, this is the real life of Bisbee resident Renee (also known as Queen Nay Nay), the living embodiment of a Tim Burton character and owner of independent gothic shop Sweet Midnight. Welcome to her little world where fashion is both dark and cute and every day is Halloween.” Read more here