If the title didn’t make it obvious, I saw The Cure at Wembley Arena on Friday night. I had resigned The Cure to the list of bands I would never actually get to see (like Depeche Mode. Who I still haven’t seen) but because my fella’s friend couldn’t make it, I ended up with a ticket. Well, I grabbed the ticket with both hands.

Last time I was in Wembley was for another gig. I was 17 and had a ticket to see Korn. I don’t remember a lot of the evening, apart from having to run for the train in my huge New Rock boots and nearly missing it, my leather trench coat flapping behind. Ah, memories of being a baby bat…I also remember being quite disappointed with Korn and I’m still not a huge fan apart from a track here and there. I digress.

After having a drink in a Wetherspoons-ey type pub (where do rock/alt/goth people drink before gigs at Wembley?) we walked in the rain, then queued in the rain, all the while I was complaining about my hair getting flat or my eyebrows running down my face (goth problems. Thank fuck my volumising hair powder is industrial strength.) Bags searched, tickets checked, beers purchased, we set up our spot. 

I’m not going to review the gig. It doesn’t really need doing, also every now and then I like to go to a gig and just enjoy it, and this was one of those times. They were great, the atmosphere was pretty good too with little goths bopping all around us, and not too many phone-filmers (put the phone away and just BE there why don’t you?) They played my fella’s favourites and a lot of mine too including Burn from The Crow soundtrack. It doesn’t get much more goth than that. I also cried at Lovesong and they didn’t play Love Cats so I was very happy (I’m sorry, I really don’t like Lovecats. Personal reasons. That and it’s over-played). I would have liked them to have played The Caterpillar but still left the evening more than happy. The visuals were great too, especially the black and white fireworks style ones that suited the songs perfectly. I couldn’t hear a word Robert Smith said when he chatted to the crowd but he seemed in good spirits none the less. The NME have got a time lapse video of the entire gig in just 90 seconds if a) you didn’t manage to get a ticket and b) have no more than a minute and half to give The Cure (shame on you). 

Walking home from the train we saw a fox in the moonlight and I’ve had Pictures Of You in my head ever since. It was a rather nice evening.