As well as being a goth rock princess and full time crazy cat lady, I am also a freelance copywriter. This rarely involves writing about goth (or cats) but still makes up a decent proportion of my professional writer life. For one of my latest jobs I interviewed Rebecca White of Your Own Place about the mentoring scheme she runs to help young people maintain their tenancy and promote independence. It was commissioned by software company Naked Element and appears on their site as well as the Norfolk Tech Journal.

“In the current political climate of austerity and cuts, the social care sector is under pressure. People are struggling or ‘Just about managing’ and support for those who need it is reactive rather than preventative – it doesn’t seem to appear until the worst has happened. At the other end of the scale, in the private business sector, there is the growing trend of encouraging employees to donate some of their working week to good causes. It increases morale, adds to employee skills and looks good for the company as a whole. One person saw the lack of funds in one place and the desire to help in another, and put the two together.” Read the full article here