I write a cemetery travel blog, just for fun (I hide one spelling error in each post. Can you find it?) and my latest was about my week in Transylvania. It includes Bran Castle (the one mostly, but falsely, associated with Dracula) a preserved sorcerer’s arm (really), a black church and a diamond ring.

You can read it here – Until Death – Transylvania

“It had been booked for a while, months actually, but I still didn’t believe it was happening until I got in the car. That’s when I started to panic a little. I don’t like to get excited about things until they’re actually happening, having been let down a lot, so when we paid for flights to Bucharest to visit Transylvania, I tried to stay calm.

My fella and I had talked about booking a little holiday for autumn (cheaper, no school children) and he had suggested Transylvania, and why not go over Halloween? It made perfect sense and we could visit ‘Dracula’s’ Castle on the 31st too. We even booked our tour in advance to make sure. I researched spooky things to see and he found some decent looking bars where we might not get stared at (boy, we were wrong). I tried not to get too excited. It was months away…”