I reviewed the recent VNV Nation gig in Norwich. Yes. VNV. In Norwich. It was a belter – 

“I’ve always wanted to say this…HELLO NORFOLK!!”

When most bands say that, it’s debatable whether they’re being genuine or not, but when Ronan Harris from VNV Nation says something, he means it from the bottom of his heart. VNV Nation are arguably the biggest name in EBM, producing uplifting dark dance synth pop for nearly 30 years and playing to thousands at festivals on the continent. This is why no one in the gothic community in our humble little city could quite believe it when they announced a Norwich date. Every goth for a 30 mile radius pinched themselves and half-believed it to be a printing error. Our utter disbelief was obvious even when the band entered the stage, as the VNV frontman kept reassuring us that yes, they were really there and that yes, they were loving every second as much as we were. A friend ran past me to the front of the crowd exclaiming “VNV are in Norwich!! Squeeeeeeeee!!” and that delighted attitude continued all night.”

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